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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Celebrate 25 years of The Undertaker's legendary entrance theme #MMBMania

Longtime WWE Music producer Jim Johnston has "opened the vault" to present a compilation honoring the incredible 25-year career of The Undertaker. "WWE: Undertaker – From the Vault" features multiple iterations of The Phenom's bone-chilling and legendary entrance theme beginning with his Survivor Series 1990 debut. The album also features a number of previously unreleased songs including a tribute to The Deadman from Moccasin Creek. 

Check out a preview of the tracklist:

1. Survivor Series 1990 Debut Entrance (Broadcast) (Jim Johnston)
2. Funeral March (Jim Johnston)
3. Graveyard Symphony (Jim Johnston)
4. Graveyard Symphony V2 (Jim Johnston)
5. The Spirit Of The Undertaker (Jim Johnston)
6. The Spirit Of The Undertaker V2 (Jim Johnston)
7. Dark Side (Jim Johnston)
8. Dark Side V2 (Ministry) (Jim Johnston)
9. Dark Side V3 (Jim Johnston)
10. Corporate Ministry (Jim Johnston)
11. Unholy Alliance (Undertaker & Big Show) (Jim Johnston)
12. Dead Man (Jim Johnston)
13. You're Gonna Pay (Jim Johnston)
14. The Darkest Side (Jim Johnston)
15. Rest In Peace (Jim Johnston)
16. The Undertaker (Original Piano Demo) (Jim Johnston)
17. The Undertaker (Original Organ Demo) (Jim Johnston)
18. The Undertaker (1999 Bell/Beat/Guitar Sketch) (Jim Johnston)
19. 25 Years of Undertaker (Score) (Jim Johnston)
20. Take You To Your Grave (Undertaker Tribute) (Moccasin Creek)
21. Death Is My Best Friend (Undertaker Tribute) (Jim Johnston)

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