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Thursday, January 14, 2016

McDonald's Japan Has a 48-Piece Chicken McNugget Meal

If you love fried chicken and happen to be a Japanese pop music fanatic, then it’s time to celebrate.
McDonald’s Japan is releasing a 48-piece bucket of Chicken McNuggets that features idols from the J-Pop group NGT48. The tubs are decorated with the posing stars. (More details on the company’s website here and here.)

In the United States, a person can order at most a 40-piece Chicken McNugget meal. (That’s barring special offers during the Super Bowl, which can reach 50 nuggets.)
In Japan, Chicken McNugget meals typically max out at a 15-piece set, the Gawker-owned blog Kotaku points out.
NGT48 is an all-girl music group consisting of 25 members that formed earlier this year. The group spun out of AKB48, another super popular J-Pop outfit.
Apparently, people online referred to NGT48 as “Nugget 48” when the group debuted, Kotaku reports, citing the Japanese web portal NaverWhence the new marketing tie-in with McDonald’s.
The limited time promotion will be available in 38 McDonald’s  MCD -1.98%  restaurants in a Japan

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