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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Coco Defends Her ''Sexy'' Anniversary Outfit, Assures Fans Her Wardrobe ''Will Not Interfere'' With Her Parenting

People are going cuckoo for Coco's anniversary outfit.
Just a few days ago, Ice-T and his wife celebrated both a new year and their relationship with a romantic dinner along the East Coast.
"It's New Years Eve & Coco and my 15th Anniversary," the Law & Order: SVU star shared on Twitter. "Happy 2016!!! Keep it Gangsta."
Ultimately, it wasn't the date night that got people talking. It was Coco's black dress that showed off plenty of cleavage and skin. Before you begin to criticize the look, however, the new mom has a strong message coming your way.

"I keep reading these stupid articles & ppl commenting that when u become a mother u have to stop dressing sexy.. oh please!" she wrote Sunday evening. "Me dressing the way I want to will not interfere with me raising my child."
She continued, "Be more concerned about the war or something more important."
Putting the critics aside, Coco recently acknowledged that she has much to be thankful for as she begins a new year.
In addition to completing a talk-show, the 36-year-old recently welcomed a child of her own with the birth of Chanel. To say Coco loves being a mom may just be an understatement.  
"Thank you god for giving me a healthy, wonderful little girl," she shared on Facebook. "My dreams came true this year."
She added, "I found my calling ......Motherhood!!! Happy New Years everybody!!"


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