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Saturday, August 8, 2015

IGN Posts Article On WWE2K16 Gameplay Details #MMBWWE #MMBGames

IGN has an article up with the first WWE 2K16 gameplay details, including notes on chain grappling and reversals. Below are some other notes that have been confirmed for the game and gameplay video with NXT Champion Finn Balor and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins:

* MyCareer is back, and this time it goes a lot further, all the way to you gaining admission to the WWE Hall of Fame
* Create a Diva, Create a Show, Create an Arena, and Create a Championship are back
* WWE Universe: Wrestlers can now be booked to multiple shows
* Online has been "overhauled"
* Three-man commentary team with JBL, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
* Ladder, handicap, and tornado tag match types added back in
* No loading screens between entrances and you can assault opponents during their entrance
* Improved ref and manager AI

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