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Friday, May 8, 2015

WWE Superstar The "Show Off" Dolph Ziggler Is Coming To Wizard World Philly! #MMBComic #MMBWWE #ConLife

WWE® Superstar Dolph Ziggler™’s Schedule:

4:30PM ─ Photo Ops – VIP’s 1st then General Admission
5:15PM ─ Autograph Signing – VIP’s 1st then General Admission
7:00PM ─ Q&A Panel

Dolph Ziggler is the kind of guy that makes other guys clutch their girlfriends a little closer. Not that it would help — if you had a ripped physique like him, you’d show it off, too.

An accomplished amateur wrestler, Ziggler set school records for wins at St. Edward’s High School in Ohio, and again at Kent State University before parlaying his skills into a WWE contract. In 2008, the bleached-blond Superstar first introduced himself to the WWE Universe by glad-handing every Superstar on Raw. Successfully introduced to just about everyone on the roster, Ziggler really made a name for himself after proved his mettle in high-profile contests against the likes of Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and Daniel Byran. The Showoff defeated Kofi Kingston for his first big milestone, the Intercontinental Championship, with shrill girlfriend–turned–”business associate” Vickie Guerrero attached to his side.

Ziggler broke into WWE’s upper echelon during a string of contests against Edge in 2011 during a rivalry that netted Ziggler a controversial, and short-lived, World Heavyweight Championship reign of less than 12 minutes.

Summer 2012 brought with it one of Ziggler’s most impressive accomplishments. In a wild Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Heavyweight Championship contract, The Showoff managed to beat out seven other Superstars in the climb to the coveted briefcase, giving him a guaranteed title opportunity at any point in the next year.

After successfully defending his contract against John Cena in the winter, Ziggler finally cashed in his Money in the Bank contract the night after WrestleMania 29, capitalizing on an ailing Alberto Del Rio to capture his second World Heavyweight Title. The confident Showoff’s reign was cut short by a concussion, which Del Rio zoned in on to regain the title at WWE Payback.

A fiery Ziggler looked poised to regain the World Heavyweight Title, but his squeeze, AJ Lee, cost him the match. The Showoff dumped the unstable Diva, who, along with Big E Langston, temporarily distracted Ziggler from his championship dreams.

Though The Miz dashed Ziggler’s hopes of becoming Intercontinental Champion once again at Battleground, The Showoff’s fortunes changed at SummerSlam 2014 when he defeated the self-proclaimed movie star to win the title for a second time. After tweaking his knee outside the ring in the rematch one night later, Ziggler could not answer the referee’s 10 count, giving The Miz a count-out victory, though he still kept the title. The Showoff still had enough energy to fight off a post-match attack from The Awesome One, ending the assault with a Zig Zag.

One week after his rematch with The Miz, the Hollywood star refused to face Ziggler and instead hired Damien Sandow as his stunt double. Despite the effort, The Showoff defeated Sandow and continued to aggravate The Miz the next week on Raw. Perhaps engaging in a bit of psycological warfare, Ziggler released private photos of both Miz and his new stunt double. Irate, The Awesome One attacked the Intercontinetal Champion, but Ziggler mananged to fend him off.

At Night of Champions, The Showoff looked well on his way to retaining the Intercontinental Championship, until Sandow distracted him, allowing The Miz to roll him up and capture the title. Ziggler would reclaim the title the following night on Raw and would hold it until Nov. 17, when Luke Harper ensnared his prize in an impromptu bout.

Recruited to Team Cena for the Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match against The Authority, Ziggler proved his resilience following Big Show’s betrayal and John Cena’s elimination. Facing 3-on-1 odds, Ziggler managed to eliminate Luke Harper and Kane to even the odds against Seth Rollins.

Although they were the sole survivors and Ziggler wouldn’t stay down, the former Intercontinental Champion had to fend off The Authority before Triple H got involved and Pedigreed him in an attempt to secure the win for Team Authority once and for all. Just as it seemed The Authority would remain in power, though, Sting made his shocking debut and confronted Triple H. After taking out The Game, Sting pulled Ziggler on top of Rollins, securing the win for Team Cena and dethroning The Authority. Three weeks later, at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs…and Stairs, Ziggler’s good fortune continued when he reclaimed the Intercontinental Title from Harper in a Ladder Match.

Dolph Ziggler has proven time and time again that if you give him the opportunity, he’ll steal the show…and look good doing it.
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