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Monday, February 2, 2015

Rex Ryan changed his tattoo of his wife from Jets green to Bills blue #MMBSports

Remember Rex Ryan's famous tattoo, featuring his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey -- and nothing besides a Mark Sanchez Jets jersey? Well now that Ryan has been fired by the Jets and hired as the head coach of the Bills, the tattoo had to change. Stu Woo of the Wall Street Journal caught up with Ryan as he visited an Arizona tattoo parlor during Super Bowl week.

Ryan only changed the color of the tattoo to reflect the new team -- not the content of the tattoo:
Mr. Ryan said he was happy he had to alter only the tattoo’s color. "The girl’s not changing," he said. "I’ve been married 28 years."
There were questions about what Ryan would do with the tattoo after the Jets cut Sanchez this past offseason, to which Ryan said he would consider changing the number, but was keeping the tattoo.
Woo notes that Ryan also rid himself of his Jets apparel, donating his trademark sweater vest to the Salvation Army.
The good news is Ryan had a pretty solid solution after making the mistake of a permanent tattoo dedicated to a not-so-permanent job. The bad news is this guy who got a "Back To Back Seahawks Champs" tattoo did not have a similar solution and found out the hard way that sandpaper doesn't erase tattoos.

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