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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Comedian Artie Lange Makes Slavery Sex Jokes About ESPN Host Cari Champion

Comedian Artie Lange has proved once again to be a vile human being. This time his target was Cari Champion, host of ESPN’s First Take. Lange decided that it would be a great idea to tweet about his sexual fantasies involving ESPN’s female hosts, but he seemed to single out Champion. 

In his series of tweets, Lange described sexual scenarios he would enjoy with Champion, which included her being a slave. “I attempt to whip @CariChampion cuz she disrespected the Jefferson Plantation but she grabs whip & beats me,” is one highly edited tweet from Lange.

Artie goes on to tweet:

Hey @CariChampion lets me and you get busy!

After having 8 illegitimate kids together @CariChampion & I marry at The Knights of Columbus in Linden New Jersey. Prob with that?! F- Off!

So far, Lange’s tweets have not been deleted and he has not issued an apology. But Jemele Hill, host of ESPN2’s His and Hers, tweeted her support for Champion:

Just became aware of @artiequitter's tweets inappropriate and disgusting tweets about @CariChampion. Exhibit A in online harassment.

Ppl tweeting me that @artiequitter is a comedian and to brush off his horrible comments about @CariChampion. Snoop didn't get that pass.

Ppl must realize @artiequitter's disgusting tweets to @CariChampion also is him joking about rape. Didn't realize that was "comedy."


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