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Thursday, July 10, 2014

What Does Sting's 07.14.14 Tweets Really Mean? - #MMBWWE #MMBGames

Recently Sting tweeted a darken image of his face in full face paint followed by another tweet simply stating 07.14.14. This lead to marks around the world to speculate the icon would be making his WWE debut. What I and many others have been told is the tweets were to promote the trailer for the upcoming WWE2K15 video game.

No one is sure what we will see in this trailer but seeing 07.14.14 lands on Monday, we can probably expect it to happen at some point during RAW. Will we see actual game play? Will it just be announcing Sting as a character in the game? Or will we be seeing both? We will all find out what this all means this coming Monday on RAW.

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