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Friday, April 13, 2012

Web Cam Model Real Sexi Barbie Declines Interview; Leaves Fans Hanging

After many attempts to get web cam model Real Sexi Barbie on MMB Radio we have finally gotten word from her people that she has declined our request for an interview. Barbie was originally scheduled to be on MMB Radio on March 24th at 7:00pm, but called a half hour late to inform us she was at a baby shower for her sister and wouldn't be able to do the interview. CLICK READ MORE to see what her camp felt of YOU the fans who requested her on MMB Radio.

Although we have had people call in late or cancel a interview we have never had anyone agree to an interview only to backtrack their acceptance. I spoke to a rep from her camp by the name of Steve. Here is what Steve had to say regarding the interview.

Barbie called in a half hour late telling us she was in traffic that she was at her sister's baby shower all day. I am in no position to tell anyone how to book their days events but if you knew you were having a baby shower that would be taking up most of your day then maybe you could have agreed to do the interview another time. None the less we accepted her canceling and would try to book another time, because you guys were sending tweets wondering what had happened.

So we finally reached out to Barbie's people again in hopes to reschedule and this time spoke to a new rep by the name of Angela. I expressed how you the fans were upset she was not on with us and would like to reschedule. That is when Barbie's camp flipped me, you the fans, all us the big bird and basically said we don't need your help small fries.
I apologized that they felt MMB Radio was not good enough for them, and that Barbie was so established she didn't need any support no matter how small of the support. 

Just goes to show you can never judge a book by it's cover. I had been a loyal supporter and fan for many years, yes years of Barbie. She is an attractive girl, but that is where it stops. Fans sign up for her web cam shows, she gains followers and her camp thinks she no longer needs support. 

Other then webcam shows and a couple online photo shoots, I have NEVER seen her in a major publication. Nor have I ever heard her do any radio interviews, if it's a major station or pirate radio. 

It hurts me and I hurt for you the fans who continue to support someone who declines what her fans want because there is always someone out there who will spend money to watch her get naked in front of her computer.

Usually I could care less about a declined interview, but only if that person were someone big time. Barbie may have a bunch of followers, but she is not the most requested model in the game right now by far. It's an injustice to people who are being scammed into supporting her and her people feel she is better then everyone else.

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