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Friday, April 13, 2012

'Three Stooges': Catholic League Criticizes Comedy Movie's Bikini-Wearing Nun

The original Three Stooges was always considered relatively harmless (at least for the audience). Unfortunately, the same can not be said for the upcoming reboot of "The Three Stooges," which has already managed to ruffle the feathers of one religious group.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Catholic League is not happy about the film's depiction of nuns, in particular, the characters of Larry David and Kate Upton.

In "Stooges," David portrays Sister Mary-Mengele. The name is a nod to the late Nazi Josef Mengele, an SS Officer who decided prisoners' fates at Auschwitz. As for Upton, it's not so much her character's name -- Sister Bernice -- as it is her attire. During one scene, the SI swimsuit model dons a very revealing bikini along with a large rosary around her neck.

Obviously, this did not go over too well with the Catholic League. In a statement from League president Bill Donohue, the group said:

"In the 1950s, Hollywood generally avoided crude fair and was respectful of religion. Today it specializes in crudity and trashes Christianity, especially Catholicism. Enter 'The Three Stooges.' The movie is not just another remake: it is a cultural marker of sociological significance, and what it says about the way we've changed is not encouraging.
Donohue goes on to state that "the TV show never mocked nuns or showed infants urinating in the face of the Stooges. The film does."

You can read the full statement over on the Catholic League's website. Fox, the studio behind the film, hasn't responded to the criticism.

"The Three Stooges," starring Sean Hayes, Chris Diamantopoulos and Will Sasso, hits theaters this weekend.

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