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Monday, February 27, 2012

Why Having Cena Miss RAW Tonight Helps WWE

John Cena was & still is going to wave the green flag at the Dayton 500 which was to be held yesterday but due to rain it has been moved to Monday at 12 noon. This is the first time the race has ever had to postpone due to weather, but it could help the WWE with their story line feud between John Cena & The Rock.

The Rock is set to appear on RAW tonight to reply to John Cena's promo on him last week, which Cena said what he has been saying for almost 7 years, that The Rock is never with the WWE Universe every week on RAW. The Rock has become a "celebrity" & gone "Hollywood" while John is there every week entertaining the fans. 

Now it is 2012 and it's very possible to be in Florida at 12 noon then fly to Portland, OR, for a show at 9pm, but what if John couldn't get there? Surely, The Rock would use this as ammo to call Cena a hypocrite. The Rock shows up while John is out being a "celebrity". Sort of calls the kettle black if you ask me, but it could help bring more attention and heat to this already monumental match.

Time will tell & we will see what happens tonight at 9pm EST on WWE RAW Super Show, LIVE on USA. - Mix Masta B

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