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Friday, February 17, 2012

Iverson Willing To Play In NBADL To Make Comeback

Allen Iverson is ready to make another comeback. And this time, he's willing to play some minor league basketball first. 

According to ESPN's Chris Broussard, citing a source, the former Sixers super star is willing to play in the Caribbean, South America or in the NBA's developmental league if it gets him a chance to get back into the NBA. 

"Allen only wants to play if there's a possibility that it leads to the NBA," the source said. "That's the only way he would go to one of these lower leagues. He wants to get back to the NBA and leave the game on his terms." 

Time is an issue for the 36-year-old guard. The source said that if Iverson isn't signed by the Feb. 26 All-Star game, he will likely give up and retire. 

Lakers play-by-play guy John Ireland said that the Lakers were willing to give Iverson a chance before the season but he had to go to their D-League team first. That was the deal-breaker. Thanks for the assist, ProBasketballTalk.

Here we are just a few months later and it appears that desperation has set in. 

Really, it's kind of sad isn't it?

Once a top player in the league, the picture of cool in the NBA, Iverson is now begging for a chance to play in, of all places, the D-League. 

It's called the developmental league but it is far too often the graveyard of once promising careers than the launching pad of future ones. 

To see Iverson's headstone resting there is a sad thought. 

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