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Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Christian Bale wanted to be Batman again, admits he’s jealous of Ben Affleck #MMBComic

Here’s an article I never thought I’d be writing! While doing for The Dark Knight Rises, Christian Bale seemed content with hanging up his cape and cowl. Now just a few years later, Bale admits that he contemplated returning as the Dark Knight and is even a little jealous that Ben Affleck is Batman.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Adult Film XXX Legend & DJ Brittany Andrews @DJMissBXXX Calls @MMBRadio Dec. 16 #MMBBAndrews

Brittany Andrews is not new to the adult industry, she has seen it all and done it all. Not only is she a legend in the adult business she is a successful DJ. Brittany will be calling into MMB Radio this coming Tuesday, December 16th to talk to us about anything and everything we ever wanted to know about her. 

Tweet us your questions for the icon of porn by using #MMBBAndrews. Make sure to follow Brittany on twitter @DJMissBXXX.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Exclusive CM Punk Interview With FOX Sports LIVE Part 1 [Video] #MMBUFC

Eric Bischoff Debates Bruce Prichard In Philly On Royal Rumble Sunday #MMBWWE

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff and former WWE producer Bruce Prichard will have a debate on The Monday Night Wars on January 25th in Philadelphia, PA. This is the same day and city as WWE's Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

The event will take place at Dave & Buster's on Columbus Boulevard at noon. There will be a one-hour meet & greet and the debate will feature questions from fans until 3pm. Fans attending the Rumble that night will have plenty of time to make both shows. Tickets for the event go on sale this week and RF Video will be releasing additional details.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sweet! General Mills Brings Back French Toast Crunch Cereal

It’s back, by popular demand – literally.
The Minnesota-based food giant General Mills has announced it’s bringing back French Toast Crunch cereal, after hearing from customers who started a petition and created a Facebook group devoted to getting the cereal back on the market.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

CM Punk Talks About Singing With UFC [Video] #MMBWWE #MMBUFC

UFC President Dana White Talks About CM Punk Signing [Video] #MMBWWE #MMBUFC

TNA's Debut on Destination America Airing Live? #MMBTNA

TNA has announced Impact Wrestling tapings at the Manhattan Center in New York City for January 7th, 8th and 9th. The current plan is to do the first show either live or on a one to two hour tape delay. This all depends on Destination America confirming the Wednesday 9pm time slot, which is expected.

TNA had been considering several locations for December 15th tapings but without being able to finalize any dates until the Destination America deal was complete, it was pretty much impossible to put together tapings on such short notice.

CREDIT / SOURCE - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Joe Rogan Interviews CM Punk At UFC 181 [Video] #MMBWWE #MMBUFC

Saturday, December 6, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Former WWE Superstar CM Punk Signs With UFC #MMBWWE #MMBUFC

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk announced tonight during UFC 181 he has signed a deal with UFC. Coming off the heels of his interview with Colt Cabana about his side of the story between him and WWE's relationship, Punk mentioned WWE fired him. Therefore allowing him to side with whomever he wants.

- Joe Rogan conducted an interview with Punk at UFC 181 and Punk said "The idea of being able to step inside the octagon was opportunity I could not deny myself"

- "I'm here to get my ass kicked or kick somebody's ass,"

- "When it's all said and done everyone is going to have to respect me

- Punk is thinking about 170 or 185. Does not have a team yet.

- Punk's contract is said to be a three year deal

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CM Punk Making First Post WWE Appearance On February 28, 2015 #MMBWWE #MMBComic

Challenger Comics has announced that CM Punk will be appearing at their store in Chicago on February 28th, 2015. This is Punk's first post-WWE appearance and he will be promoting Marvel's Thor Annual #1 that he is working on. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon To Address CM Punk On Stone Cold Podcast Tonight? #MMBWWE

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk sent shockwaves through the WWE this past week, when he spoke openly about why he left the company back in January. The near two-hour podcast has been downloaded a ton. So much so that it shut down Colt Cabana’s website on more than one occasion. Clearly due to what he said, WWE management is not happy with the former WWE Champion.

Chris Jericho Responds To CM Punk's Podcast Comments [Video] #MMBWWE

Chris Jericho has released a video which features him responding to comments made by CM Punk on Colt Cabana’s recent podcast interview.

-For those of you who missed the Punk interview, Punk claimed Chris Jericho contacted him after he left WWE, but then insinuated Jericho might have had a hidden agenda in place which was to get Punk to tell his story on the “Talk is Jericho” podcast.

-Jericho responded by saying that he and Punk are friends, and that while he did ask him to appear on “Talk is Jericho,” it was in December prior to Punk leaving WWE. He said at no other time did he ask Punk to appear on his podcast.

-Jericho said him and Punk had a date setup for Punk to appear on the podcast, but Punk pulled out because he didn’t have anything positive to say about pro wrestling.

-Jericho said he texted Punk several times after Punk left WWE, but it was never about getting him to talk. Jericho said others were trying to get information from Punk but he was not one of them. With regards to Punk walking out on WWE, Jericho said he can somewhat understand Punk’s decision because he too was in a similar situation with WWE back in 2005:

The Rock Giving Fans a Sneak Peek at His New Reality TV Show #MMBWWE

The Rock's next reality show on TNT will debut Friday, December 12th. A press release was issued on Wake Up Call:

TNT Offers On-Demand Sneak Peek of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's New Series Wake Up Call

Full Episode Available Starting This Week on the Watch TNT App, & TNT On Demand; TNT's Inspiring New Series Wake Up Call Set to Premiere Friday, Dec. 12

Former WWE Announcer Reportedly Replacing Mike Tenay on TNA Impact Wrestling #MMBTNA

As noted, TNA is planning another reboot for Impact Wrestling with a new look and more, when they premiere on Destination America in January.

Current plans for former WWE announcer Josh Mathews to replace Mike Tenay as the lead announcer. Mathews will be working with Taz. It's expected that Tenay will keep an on-air role.

CREDIT / SOURCE - Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Backstage Reaction To CM Punk's Podcast Comments #MMBWWE

Even with CM Punk having a number of detractors in WWE, Bryan Alvarez of was told that virtually everybody in WWE who listened to the recent Art of Wrestling podcast with Colt Cabana "thought it was awesome."