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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Join The Newest Venture In Skincare, Join Rodan & Fields

Hey Friends, my friend Melissa has recently teamed up with the Doctors who created Proactiv, in their newest skincare venture, known as Rodan & Fields, is looking to expand her business and the three billion dollar anti-age market across the country and Canada.

The company has just launched a brand new beauty breakthrough and the demand is Huge! This job offers flexible hours working part time or full time from home around your current commitments or family or both. No parties(unless u want) and no inventory! 

It doesn't matter where you live or what your background is as you will be coached and trained. If you or anyone you know is dynamic, motivated, organized and looking to make an extra income on a very part time basis let me know and I will hook you up with my friend for the details!

For more information and how to contact Melissa CLICK HERE.

WWE Superstar Stardust LIVE Signing At @AdventurelandSt June 27th - #MMBWWE

NXT Champion Kevin Owens’ title match against Sami Zayn ended in chaos as Samoa Joe stepped into NXT #MMBNXT

In a highly anticipated and very personal rematch, former best friends Sami Zayn and champion Kevin Owens went head-to-head for the NXT Title.
Early mind games by the champion quickly gave way to a true brawl that rampaged inside and outside the ring. into the NXT Universe. Back in the ring, like a man possessed, Zayn seemed to have an answer for almost everything Owens threw at him – that was until the action moved back outside and Owens suddenly the determined challenger with a Pop-up Powerbomb onto the ring apron. From there, the vicious titleholder would not relent, refusing to let officials check on Zayn — still recovering from an injury suffered weeks ago in a breakthrough clash on Monday Night Raw against John Cena — and then unleashed an absolute onslaught on his defenseless adversary.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Mix Masta B Interviews Pumpkin Sugar Cosplay at Wizard World Philly 2015 @MixMastaBTV #MMBComic

New cosplayer on the scene Pumpkin Sugar Cosplay talks to us about her character and how she started getting into cosplay at Wizard World Philly.

Mix Masta B Interviews Cosplay Superstar @IrelandReid at Wizard World Philly 2015 @MixMastaBTV #MMBComic

Ireland Reid is no stranger to the cosplay world. I was able to talk to her a bit at Wizard World Philly about her many characters and what she has planned next on her crusade to take over the cosplay world.

Mix Masta B Interviews Devin Wade At Wizard World Philly 2015 @MixMastaBTv #MMBComic

I have known Devin for many years and went to school with him. I always loved that he could just sit down and draw anything that came to mind. Getting to talk to him a little bit at Wizard World hopefully shows the world what he has to offer. 

Porn Star Eats Popsicles JZL Original Starring @ChloeAmourXXX [Video] #MMBChloe

Watch Chloe Amour grub down on some ice cold popsicles JZL style. Shot in Downtown Los Angeles.

Get the limited Popsicle shirt at

Your First Look At Orgrim, Warcraft's Hunky Star #MMBGames

LADIES, MEET ORGRIM. He’s brave, he works out, he still has most of his teeth, two of them are terrifyingly enormous, and he’s about to be a huge movie star. By day he’s a warchief, but by night he’s…well, by night he’s actor Robert Kazinsky. For an orc, he’s actually pretty human.

Happy Hippie Presents: Don't Dream It's Over (Performed by Miley Cyrus & Ariana Grande) [Video] #MMBMusic

'Bad Blood' - Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar [Video] #MMBMusic

Jaden Smith went to prom dressed as superhero (seriously)

Despite his famous parents, out-there music and general eccentricities, Jaden Smith is just a normal 16-year-old. So of course he went to prom this past weekend. But attending in typical formal clothes would have been antithetical to his being. Instead, Smith went dressed as a superhero.
Photos from the prom made it online, showcasing Smith’s look – a cape and some bootsthe armor and even a mask. Like father like son, right?
See more photos at The Huffington Post.

CREDIT / SOURCE - Will Robinson /

#UFC187 Johnson vs Cormier Extended Preview [Video] #MMBUFC #MMBSports

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ian Curtis Died 35 Years Ago Today: Joy Division Mark 35th Anniversary Of 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' With Vinyl Re-Release #MMBMusic

It was 35 years ago today that Ian Curtis, mesmerising but troubled frontman of Joy Division, devastated his fans by taking his own life.

Ian had already made his name beyond the clublands of Manchester, with his distinctive dancing, baritone voice and lyrics full of despair, emptiness and alienation.

Despite his success, though, Ian suffered from epilepsy and depression, and was overwhelmed by both burgeoning fame and a complicated personal life. The band were on the eve of their first American tour, but on 18 May 1980, Ian Curtis's life came to an end, although his place in pop history remains assured.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Daniel Bryan Pulled From WWE TV, But For How Long #MMBWWE

Daniel Bryan was scheduled to make an appearance at Sunday's WWE Payback pay-per-view, as well as RAW and SmackDown, but he's been pulled from the road so he can focus on physical therapy. It's believed within WWE that Bryan won't return to TV until he's been cleared to wrestle or until they need him to promote his book and DVD, whichever comes first.


Pre Order Your Signed Copy Of "YES!" The Daniel Bryan Autobiography #MMBWWE

Fans who pre-order a copy of Daniel Bryan's upcoming "Yes!" autobiography from Barnes & Noble will receive a signed edition. Details are in this tweet from Bryan:

NXT Diva Bayley's Boyfriend Posts Tough Enough Video [Video] #MMBNXT

Indie wrestler Aaron Solow cuts a promo for WWE Tough Enough outside of the WWE Performance Center in Orlando. Solow is the boyfriend of NXT Diva Bayley and he addresses this in the video.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mix Masta B Interviews Adult XXX Film Star @thekenzietaylor On @MMBRadio - #MMBKenzie

I have to say not to toot my own horn but I love what I do! Bringing you the best adult talent to MMB Radio is something that I love to do. That with being said I introduce to you Ms. Kenzie Taylor! 

Be sure to click READ MORE to see more of Kenzie, download the interview, and/or stream it. Also be sure to follow her on twitter @TheKenzieTaylor


Mix Masta B Interviews WWE Hall of Fame & Original Diva @WWEHOFerSunny On @MMBRadio #MMBSunny

While in "Sunny" California I had the pleasure of speaking with 2011 WWE Hall of Famer and original diva, you'll get while I say it like that when you listen, Sunny. I meet Sunny a couple years ago at Wrestlemania but never got the chance to talk to her. Honestly she was such a icon for many guys my age as teenagers I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous talking to her. She was what sexy was all about back in the day and still is. So check out this short interview I did with her live at Wrestlecon 2015 in San Jose, CA. 

Click READ MORE for stream and download link.

Jem and the Holograms: Universal Pictures Releases Trailer for Film Adaptation of Musical Cartoon Series [Video] #MMBComic

Ring of Honor & New Japan Pro Wrestling “War of the Worlds” Night Two Results #MMBROH

It looked like Jay Diesel was set to face Moose in the dark opener, but Veda Scott came out and said that he won’t be coming out until he gets what he deserves, which is an ROH Title match. So instead, we got The Romantic Touch.

Dark: Jay Diesel (w/Truth Martini) over Romantic Touch. This was bad. Diesel won with a Death Valley Driver.